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Air source heat pumps are becoming more popular in the UK, not only because of their performance and reliability, but also because of the need to find a sustainable long term solution for home heating and hot water that moves away from fossil fuel burning like traditional gas and oil fuelled boilers!

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What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps are typically installed on the outside wall of a building, they make a hugely efficient alternative to traditional heating systems; lowering the amount of fossil fuels burnt to heat your home and hot water.

Air source heat pump’s generate heat by utilising the ambient outside air temperature even down to -25°c. The technology uses a system involving a refrigerant gas, condenser and compressor to increase the temperature of the gas to a superheated state which is then transferred through to your home heating & hot water storage system.

Are heat pumps cheaper to run than gas or oil?

  • Air source heat pumps are proven to be 300% efficient compared to gas and oil boilers which only produce up to 98% efficiency! This means that for every 1 kw of electrical energy used to run the ASHP it will generate 3kw of heat energy to your home. Because of its high output compared to input heat pumps are considered as renewable energy production.
  • Compared to gas and oil boilers, heat pumps are very low maintenance, simply because they have less serviceable parts. Because of this you can expect heat pumps to run year after year without the worry of an unexpected breakdowns and having to pay the inevitable call out costs of a plumber, which will save you money compared to conventional boilers over the long term.
  • Air source heat pumps do not require any further certification so once its installed and commissioned by our MCS heating engineer you wont have to pay for any further certifications, for landlords this could add up to much higher savings!
  • CEE is accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MSC) and Trustmark for Air source heat pumps which means our customers can also benefit from the Renewable Heat Insentive which entitles our customers to quarterly payments towards renewable energy generation!

What are the benefits of having a heat pump installed?

•Low carbon

•renewable energy production

•Government incentive payments

•Low maintenance

•Quite when in use

•Heating and hot water year round form a renewable source

•No hot air flues or dangerous gasses

•Cost saving investment for you home

Whats involved during the installation?

Because every home is different, the first step will be to have our MCS design engineer survey the property to plan what best suits your needs. Things we consider are the EPC rating which we can arrange if needed for Renewable Heat Incentive payments. The EPC assesses your homes energy efficiency and helps us understand the right size heat pump for your needs, we will also look at other factors including the size of the home, your heat emitter type (radiators or under floor heating etc) and if they will need to be upgraded. Once we’re happy that the system design will preform well, we will arrange an installation date and commence work.

The process of installation includes fitting a new hot water cylinder and a smaller buffer tank for space heating or replacing your existing hot water cylinder to a more energy efficient one, and of course installing the ASHP. The location of these will be agreed on the site survey.

The ASHP will require an electrical connection and plumbing connection to the hot water cylinder and buffer tank which will be connected to your existing central heating and hot water systems.

If you have an existing gas or oil boiler a gas or oil safe engineer will decommission these units ready to be replaced by the air source heat pump. This will be planned to cause least disruption during the install.

Once the plumbing work is done and electrical work is certified by our NICEIC approve contractor, our MCS design engineer will commission, register and certificate your heat pump and help with registering the workmanship and manufacturers warranties. 


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